With a biophilic design approach at the core of our practice, we seamlessly integrate nature into our architectural creations. What sets us apart is our ability to evoke emotion through our projects. We believe that architecture should resonate deeply with people, stirring feelings of wonder, tranquility, and inspiration. At Artspazios, architecture transcends… it’s a journey we embark every day, driven by creativity, empathy, and the pursuit of transformation, aiming to make a difference in the world we live in.


We don't just design buildings. We create experiences that inspire.



ML Vineyards

Alcafache, Viseu, 2024

Soito Boutique Hotel

Santar, Viseu, 2023

SS Restaurant

Viseu, 2021

At Artspazios, we believe that hospitality is about creating moments of magic and inspiration.

For hotels, we approach design with a focus on storytelling, blending each space with elements that reflect the unique character and narrative of the property. Details are crafted to inspire a sense of delight and belonging, so guests can feel in a world custom-made for their enjoyment and comfort. In our restaurants, we reimagine dining as an art form, seamlessly integrating ambiance, cuisine, and culture to craft unforgettable experiences. Collaborating closely with restaurateurs, we design spaces to delight the senses and cultivate a sense of community and connection.



Our approach to Home design is rooted in crafting bespoke residential environments tailored to reflect each client’s unique lifestyle and aspirations.
From conceptualization to completion, our team works closely with clients to understand their vision and translate it into personalized design solutions. We prioritize functionality, comfort, and practicality in every aspect of our designs, ensuring that every detail enhances the way our clients live.
From remodeling existing homes to building dream homes from the ground up, Artspazios offers tailored solutions to suit every need and exceed expectations.


OMB Palácio

Viseu, 2022


Viseu, 2023

Triple Watt

Viseu, 2023

Turismo Viseu

Viseu, 2023

We understand that commercial environments are not just places of business; they are dynamic hubs where people interact, innovate, and thrive. Our philosophy revolves around designing commercial spaces that meet the functional needs of businesses and elevate the human experience within them.

From corporate offices to retail establishments, at Artspazios, we approach commercial design with a deep understanding of the unique brand identity, culture of each business, collaborating closely with our clients to craft bespoke solutions aligned with their vision and goals.

Embracing our biophilic philosophy, we integrate natural elements, greenery, and sustainable materials to create commercial spaces that promote productivity and well-being.