Seixo Hotel

Inspired by the views overlooking the Mondego River, the Seixo Hotel, nestled at the base of the Serra da Estrela mountain range, offers a hillside sanctuary imbued with the area’s serene tranquility. The goal was to craft a distinctive space that welcomes individuals from various parts of the globe into an environment that is both enchanting and homely. The design of the project was conscientiously aligned with the surrounding nature, adhering to the principles of biophilic design. This approach prioritizes the use of materials such as local stone and wood. In contrast to the original building, ensuring sufficient natural light in the living spaces and bedrooms was vital to the project’s success. This, combined with the incorporation of wood and natural elements like plants, has enhanced occupants’ well-being and fostered a sense of calm. It is the ideal setting for those wishing to embrace a “slow living” lifestyle.

  • Seixo da Beira, 2021

Aligned with the surrounding nature...