What architectural services do you offer?

In ARTSPAZIOS, we offer a diverse range of services, including architecture, design and construction. We are committed to biophilic architecture, which seeks to forge a connection between people and nature, enhancing well-being.


How long has your architectural office been in business?

ARTSPAZIOS was founded in 2007. We have managed numerous projects and are excited to bring your dream project to life.


What kind of projects have you completed in the past?

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working on diverse projects, including residential and commercial projects, that includes restaurants, offices, medical clinics, stores, and hotels. We invite you to explore our projects and connect with our vision.


You only make the architectural project or the construction too?

In ARTSPAZIOS, we have our own construction team. We don’t just envision extraordinary designs, we also bring them to life through our dedicated construction team. They are our “dream makers”.

What is the process of working with your architectural office?

At ARTSAPZIOS, our main goal is to bring your architectural vision to life, ensuring a seamless process from concept to the final construction project. Our approach is centered on collaboration, communication, and commitment from our team to you. We look forward to create a space that goes with your vision and values.


How do you approach sustainability in your design projects?

Yes! In ARTSAPZIOS, we believe that architecture has to be a connection to people and we want to ensure that people feel connected with the space and the overall environment. We believe in a biophilic philosophy approach to architecture, enhancing well being, while caring for our own common home, the planet earth.


What is the biophilic philosophy that you follow?

Biophilia literally means love for life. It represents a profound connection to nature and the necessity to be in harmony with nature. We truly believe that this bond impacts our overall well-being. We embrace a biophilic approach, which means we deliberately integrate natural elements into our projects , creating spaces that evoke a sense of connection and tranquility.


Where can I see your projects or experience them?

At ARTSPAZIOS, we live a profound passion for architecture, design, and nature. We created small sanctuaries of serenity and beauty, that arise from the desire to inspire, the ARTSPAZIOS EXPERIENCES. These spaces invite you to immerse yourself in the art of mindful living. Whether you desire a unique tourism experience in our city or just experience a space that evokes our values and form of thinking.

I’m interested in starting a project with your office. What steps should I take?

We hope to meet your expectations. You can book a meeting through our website. We will ask you to respond to a form with some questions to gather information about our client’s needs and goals, which will then be analyzed by our team of architects.