At Artspazios, we live a profound passion for architecture, design, and nature.

Artspazios Experiences arise from the desire to inspire. Through a cozy minimalist aesthetic, we create small sanctuaries of serenity and beauty.

Carefully crafted escapes that invite you to immerse yourself in the art of mindful living. Whether you desire a unique tourism experience or seek for a design sanctuary, step into our signature soulful haven, where each element has been meticulously thought out to evoke the senses in harmony and sophistication.



Slow Down

This is where transformative living begins...

Artspazios Experiences

Element 24

Element 24 is the result of a careful rehabilitation, project, and construction by Artspazios, in which the original materials were recovered and preserved in their essence. The fusion between the original building and contemporary design is achieved through bespoke designed furniture, creating a unique environment that invites you to experience Artspazios’s essence.